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  1. Los trabajos domésticos y su campo de acción como constructores directos de su entorno. Aquí podéis leer el comunicado que se publicará en las actas, pero os dejamos el resumen que se leyó en el Congreso y las diapositivas que lo acompañaron:

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  3. Is this not a rare example of the goodwill in a business denoted by a mark being abandoned/ destroyed by its owners. Will this mean their rights under the law of passing off are gone? Where does it leave their registered trade marks (particularly where in relation to revocation and under prima facie infringement outside s10(1))

  4. Oui c’est difficile à comprendre, nous sommes en finale et puis peu de choses se passent, c’est dommage pour le sport en général et les valeurs qu’incarnent le Rugby!!! L’école de la vie…

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    I posted a similar comment on the story three days ago. They did publish my comment but continued to argue against my assertion that actual output is different than rated capacity.Either they do not understand the difference between rated capacity and actual output, or they don't care. Then again, perhaps they do understand it, but realize most of their readers won't bother to read beyond the headline.

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    cho e hoi .neu mih tham gia chuong trinh kich cau hoc van thi co can phai nop giay to gi khong ak .hay chi toi truong de dang ki thoi .

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    Nu ÅŸtiu ce să spun! Eu sunt aÅŸa cum sunt, asta scriu ÅŸi mai ales mă bucur că pot să o fac… poate tocmai de aceea există oameni pe care îi bântuie cuvintele, ca să îi facă se se bucure pe ceilalÅ£i… te mai aÅŸtept:)

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    Forestelf Та я приблизно знаю чим ви займаєтеся, тож і пишу. Я би із задоволенням переглянув фільми з вашого списку. Тож буду чекати!

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  12. Sorry, aber ich hatte normale Schmerzmittel und jetzt zwei Mal die Erfahrung mit PDA – die normalen Schmerzmittel brachten bei mir ehrlich gesagt – räusper – gar nix!? Aber egal. Ich wollte ja auch nur kurz zum Ausdruck bringen, dass Geburten in ihrer Vielfältigkeit doch etwas erstaunliches sind und sogesehen etwas "mystisches" ;o) haben, ob nun bei IO oder bei mir oder bei jemand anderem …

  13. the real question is, when did Illustration begin? Isn't all art essentially Illustration? Weren't 'the old masters' really illustrating stories commissioned by the church, etc? What IS the difference between Illustration and Fine Art? I submit the only difference is the degree of narration and the order in which the client pays for the work of art.

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